Great trail Route: across Canada Length: 24,000 km The great trail in Canada has become the longest walking route. Its construction took 25 years. The road for travelers passes through…

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Meet the sunset in a tent camp in Botswana, take a walk among the forests and lakes of the last ice age in Finland, visit the hard-to-reach region of India…


Two dolphins rush towards us and begin to make turns around the boat. Jumping high out of the water, they clap their fins like a circus performance. And the little…

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For every real Prague citizen, the most tender month of spring begins with these lines from the poem “May” by Karel Hynek Makhi: It was a late evening - young…

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Nature and technology are the two whales on which tiny Estonia stands, a country that not everyone will immediately see on the map. The third and youngest whale is modern…



Great trail
Route: across Canada
Length: 24,000 km
The great trail in Canada has become the longest walking route. Its construction took 25 years. The road for travelers passes through all 13 provinces of the country and consists of hiking, cycling and water routes. In the forests, the Great Path turns into a footpath, in marshlands into a wooden platform, and travelers travel by water in a kayak or canoe.

Sentiero, Italy
Route: through Italy
Length: 6166 km
The Sentiero route runs across Italy from the Alpine arc to Sicily, rounds the west coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea towards Sardinia and ends in the ancient city of Tibula.

Baker, Africa
Route: through Uganda and South Sudan
Length: 805 km
The trail follows the expedition of Samuel and Florence Bakers – the first Europeans who reached Lake Albert 150 years ago in Eastern Europe. They called the pond in honor of the spouse of Queen Victoria. The route starts near Juba, the capital of South Sudan, and runs along the 43-meter-long Kabarega Falls at the confluence of the Nile and Lake Victoria.

Great Himalayan Route, Nepal, Bhutan, India and Pakistan
Route: through Nepal to the Himalayas
Length: 4585 km
The highest and longest mountain trail in the world completely crosses the Himalayan range and passes through the territories of Nepal, Bhutan, India and Pakistan. This is one of the most exciting and challenging routes, but those who dared to follow this path expect incredible beauty of views: Nepalese villages on the slopes of mountains and hills at a height of a couple of thousand meters. It is worth going on a journey only with an experienced guide, as the Nepali station is a serious challenge even for experienced travelers.

Te Araroa, New Zealand
Route: from Cape Ring to Cape Bluff
Length: 3000 km
The Te Araroa trekking route, translated from Maori, means “long path”, runs along most of New Zealand. Ridges, capes, glaciers like from the movie “The Lord of the Rings”, which was filmed here. The route starts at Cape Ring at the extreme point of the North Island and ends at the fishing port of Bluff, the most southerly point of the South Island.

Inca Trail, Peru
Route: from Cusco to Machu Picchu
Length: 43 km
The most famous tourist route in Latin America begins in the city of Cusco. Once upon a time this place was the center of the great Inca Empire. Mountain trails pass through tropical forests, villages and ancient ruins at an altitude of 4 thousand meters above sea level. Here are preserved evidence of the former power of civilization: stone-paved roads, ruins of buildings, tunnels. The final destination of the route is Machu Picchu.

Polar Route, Greenland
Route: from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimuth
Length: 160 km
The Polar Route, or “Polar Circle Route,” is a 160-kilometer-long trail along the coast of Greenland. Hiking begins in the city of Kangerlussuaq and passes by the second largest glacier in the world to Sisimiut, the island’s northernmost port.

Israeli national route
Route: from the northern Lebanese border to the Red Sea
Length: 966 km
The Israeli national route stretches across the desert with biblical landscapes. In the south, the trail intersects with the Negev desert, in which the Bedouin nomads still live. The entire path is marked by signs of three parallel lines: white, blue and orange. Tags are found at a distance of 10-100 meters from each other and help travelers not to go astray.

Route: from Drukgiel Dzong to the foot of Dmololhari
Length: 7314 m
The trail to the foot of the sacred mountain Jomolhari is located under the Great Himalayan Range and runs through remote mountain areas. The path begins in the ruined fortress of Drugel Dzong, then passes through the village of Sharna-Zangpa, then along the Paro-chu river through the rhododendron forests to the Jomolhari temple. According to the legend, on the mountain of the same name, she is also called “the bride of Kanchenjunga”, inhabited by Tashi Tseringma – a Buddhist defender, guardian of the teachings of the Buddha in Tibet. Trekking is open from April to November, the rest of the time the passes are littered with snow.

Arizona and New Mexico
Route: from New Mexico to Arizona
Length: 1240 km
Despite the fact that the trail is located between the two largest cities in the southwestern United States, the route passes through one of the wildest areas of the country from the desert to the mountains and pine forests. It starts from the Hila Rock House, a national monument in southwestern New Mexico. There are Indian dwellings – houses in the rocks. Go for a trip better in the spring.

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