More than two centuries have passed since the first continental resort of Europe was founded in Heiligendamm. Baltic resorts are especially popular on coastline of Germany. There are many comfortable…

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Abkhazia - some tips for tourists
Abkhazia is a very beautiful country, and at the same time - colorful even against the background of other Caucasian lands. Holidays here are more suitable for lovers of wildlife,…

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In recent years, many of the estates have found new owners who have restored historic buildings and turned their hotels. The easiest way to get to the historical region of…

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 It is better to prepare for any trip in advance, especially if you plan to travel alone. Make a detailed route plan, book a hotel room or rent a room through online booking services, such as Booking or Airbnb. Plus, on these sites there is a rating and reviews of other users, which will help to be safe from poor-quality service or fraudsters. Be sure to leave all contacts to relatives or friends, so they know where you stayed.

Think about how you will get from / to the airport or from the station, how you will move around the city or between cities (countries). Tickets for domestic buses and trains are also better purchased in advance.

Explore the city in advance. This will help not only to lay a non-banal route, but also to avoid dangerous areas. For example, it is dangerous to look into Brazilian favels even by a group (without a reliable local guide), not something that appears alone.

Before you travel, be sure to write out important contacts: the address and phone number of the hotel, embassies, emergency services – in case the phone is discharged or, worse, stolen.

Do not forget to ask before leaving if your relatives or friends have friends in the city. It is not necessary for them to become friends, but such a contact will help in an emergency.

Explore site sites for solo travelers, such as Solotravelerworld. It contains not only life hacks, how to travel alone, but also a community where you can ask a question or ask for advice.

Travel light
When traveling alone, there will be no one to look after your bag or suitcase, so take with you only the essentials.

Come in the afternoon
Do not save on tickets and choose flights that arrive in daylight so as not to roam around an unfamiliar city in the dark with a suitcase (albeit light, see point 2) at the ready.

No guidebook will tell about the city or country better than the locals. Even if you come alone, it does not mean that you have to spend the whole trip alone. Get acquainted! You can do it in the old-fashioned way, making new connections in a cafe, so feel free to dine at the common table and keep in mind that it’s easier and safer to meet a small group of people than one or two people. Or, check out the Instagram of the locals in advance and try to arrange a meeting with the people you like and meet around the city. Do not be shy! You will be surprised how many people would like to practice the language and make new friends from different countries. In the end, we all someday become travelers and reliable acquaintances in a foreign country are not superfluous.

stay in touch
Keep in touch with family and friends. For example, through What’s Up you can not only exchange messages for free, but also make calls if you are in the Wi-Fi zone. If you plan to linger somewhere at night, notify the hotel staff where you are going and when you return. If you plan to meet with someone, it is better to leave the data of this person.

Money and jewels
Do not keep large amounts of cash with you. It is better to use a credit card and have one more in a safe place. Most of the money is better to leave in the safe, and also to hide somewhere a small part of the cash for the most emergency. Do not wear large and expensive jewelry that can attract fraudsters. It’s no joke, but, for example, thieves in Naples are wondering how many knick-knacks they will sell before they even steal them.

Before you travel, make copies of documents and send them electronically to an email so that you can restore them anyway. Carry a copy of your passport with you, and leave the original in the safe.

Keep a paper card with you in case anything happens to your phone. But it is better to use it in a quiet place, for example, in a shop or in a cafe, and not in the middle of a busy street. Confused tourists – a godsend for thieves.

Do not be afraid to ask for help.
Always stay in public and avoid the gateways and closed courtyards. If you feel that something threatens you, do not hesitate to contact the police or passersby for help. Do not be afraid to draw attention loudly if someone bothers you too intrusively.

Stay sober
This is especially important when you are traveling alone and you need to remain vigilant.


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